Watch Design – the World is your Playground?

I love watches, I love new and old watches. But what I love most are watches with a distinctive or unique design. As I wrote in my previous blog post I love the Breguet 7337 which have a unique design. Another watch I adore is the Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar

Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar

I simply love when brands and watch makers make something different. For me personally a watch is a mans best accessory and maybe the most import jewelry men got (some might argue that title would befall the wedding ring, but this is quite debatable).

I truly admire what a company like MB&F are doing. They seem to be making watches and designs simply because it is fun and because they can. I hope and dream that more watch brands would do the same and design something new and odd – something special. It doesn’t really matter if it is pretty or ugly – it just needs to be special.


With some of these special watches out there, one thing I don’t understand is this; why would old and especially new watch brands design new watches which are boring or uninspiring in design?

When You have the opportunity to design why would You design something utterly boring and not create something new and special? When a new brand starts out, I wish more brands would create something special.


Old Brand – boring design

In my opinion, if you use a standard or “off the shelf movement” (Seiko, Miyota or ETA) you need to do something special regarding the design of your watch. There are too many brands out there making watches that look almost the same, so why not make something different?

If you don’t know how to make a special watch design you should make a special movement. Companies like Mont Blanc and Frederique Constant makes watches with are quite simple in design, but the movement, taking price into consideration, is special.

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Perpetual Calendar

It is my hope that watch brands and designers will come out of the kiddy pool and consider jumping of the 10 meter platform and into the deep end of the pool, and start making more special movements and designs! Please!



My Grail Watch

The Grail watch! All with an interest in watches got one. The grail watch does not need to be something incredibly expensive such as Eric Claptons Patek Philippi 2499

Patek Philippe 2499 in platin 

It could be something a bit more humble and more available. A collegue of mines grail watch is the great Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi in stainless steel.

Rolex Pepsi
Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi”

All watch lovers got one for them self. The one watch they dream to own at one point in their life. For some this dream watch might be unattainable for them simply because of the cost. For others the grail watch will take years to obtain. There might be many reasons for this; limited availability, costs, time and profound considerations.

My own personal grail watch is the Breguet 7337 in rose gold. I don’t really have a good reason for this, I just simply fell in love with the watch.

Breguet 7337 in rose gold

I initially fell in love with the Breguet 3330, but I feared it was too small at 36mm. The 7337 is 39mm which seamed as a much better size for my wrist. A couple of years ago my wife and me was in New York were I took the opportunitet to visit Breguets boutique on 5th avenue. I had the utmost pleasure to try out the watch, and I must admit that if I where in  love with the watch before, trying it on sealed the deal! It simply looked gorgeous on my wrist. Had I had remotely the capital at the time I would have left the store with the watch on my wrist!

At last I did not. Then a couple of months ago I was that Sotheby’s  had not just one, but two 7337s on auction! The estimated prices where even within my price range (albeit I might have to stretch quite a bit).  During the week up to the auction my wife threatened to divorce, torture and murder me if I didn’t shut up about the auction (I might have been carried away a bit)

Breguet 3330

I did not have the opportunitet to attend the auction live in New York, so I had to follow the auction online. I you, dear reader, have never participated in an live auction I would highly recommend you to try it out! It is quite thrilling.

But back to the auction, the two watches I had my eyes on were lot 201 and lot 221. So I had some time to see at what level the watches went for. Most of the watches sold for prices I found reasonable and I got my hope up – I might succeed (to some dismay of my dear wife, I might add)!

The first of the two 7337s came up (the one with the highest estimate and best condition), it went for less then its estimate! I might really have a chance to get my grail watch. When the second 7337 came up, my heart was racing! Could this happen?

The auction started and the price flew up, then stalled just shy of my limit, and I bid. Unfortunately this just sparked further bidding and after a flurry of bids the 7337 was out of my price range. Shoots! Well it was a blast to try, and I will try again some other time!

In the mean time, I will continue to dream of the 7337 and:

Sad panda is sad

Until next time!

Welcome to my humble blog

Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to watches of all kind, as well as comments, thoughs, reviews and general talk about watches.

This first post will serve as an introduction to who I am and why I care about watches. But the main point with this blog is to save my dear wife from listing any more to my rambelings about watches.

My interest in watches started when I was 7 years old and saw some of my fathers military colleges wearing classic Casio G-shock watches. I fell in love with the watch and wanted one for myself. I spent alot of time dreaming of my perfert watch during that time, and when I got my first job at 13, the first thing I did with the pay was to buy a Casio SeaPathfinder SPF-40. Oh how I loved this watch and still do! This watch is and always will be my first love. As with all first loves, when you look at it objectively it got some flaws and it might not be looking quite as good as one would hope. But this is none the less my first watch love and when my original died 3 years ago after 12 years of loyal service, I spent 2 years trying to find a replacement. With really seems stupid as there are many better and prettier watches out there. But none of that mattered as I needed to have this watch in my collection.

Casio Sea-Pathfinder SPF-40


Beside my Casio I currently own:

  • An Apple Watch 2nd gen
  • A Sea-Gull Automatic
  • A Christina London gent watch 517
  • A Favre-Leuba Tachymeter
  • A Diesel watch DZ7080
  • A broken Ingersoll IN7902
Apple Watch, Sea-Gull Automatic. Christina London 517, Favre-Leuba Tachymeter, Diesel DZ7080 and Ingersoll IN7902

Furture posts will include reviews of my own watches, as well as thought regarding my grail watches and why I want them. I will also in future posts sent some time talking about watch design.

Hope you dear reader will join me in my watch quest and join in!