Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to watches of all kind, as well as comments, thoughs, reviews and general talk about watches.

This first post will serve as an introduction to who I am and why I care about watches. But the main point with this blog is to save my dear wife from listing any more to my rambelings about watches.

My interest in watches started when I was 7 years old and saw some of my fathers military colleges wearing classic Casio G-shock watches. I fell in love with the watch and wanted one for myself. I spent alot of time dreaming of my perfert watch during that time, and when I got my first job at 13, the first thing I did with the pay was to buy a Casio SeaPathfinder SPF-40. Oh how I loved this watch and still do! This watch is and always will be my first love. As with all first loves, when you look at it objectively it got some flaws and it might not be looking quite as good as one would hope. But this is none the less my first watch love and when my original died 3 years ago after 12 years of loyal service, I spent 2 years trying to find a replacement. With really seems stupid as there are many better and prettier watches out there. But none of that mattered as I needed to have this watch in my collection.

Casio Sea-Pathfinder SPF-40


Beside my Casio I currently own:

  • An Apple Watch 2nd gen
  • A Sea-Gull Automatic
  • A Christina London gent watch 517
  • A Favre-Leuba Tachymeter
  • A Diesel watch DZ7080
  • A broken Ingersoll IN7902
Apple Watch, Sea-Gull Automatic. Christina London 517, Favre-Leuba Tachymeter, Diesel DZ7080 and Ingersoll IN7902

Furture posts will include reviews of my own watches, as well as thought regarding my grail watches and why I want them. I will also in future posts sent some time talking about watch design.

Hope you dear reader will join me in my watch quest and join in!


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